Sitemap - 2023 - Life in Color

[99] The Business of Open Source

[98] How AGI is Different Than Gen AI

[97] OpenAI: Hard Power vs Soft Power

[96] AI Unleashing Personalized Frontiers

[95] Quora’s Poe: There’s a Chatbot for That

[94] How AI Democratizes Intelligence

[93] Navigating the Jagged Frontier in AI

[92] AI Compounds Through Open Source

[91] AI Apps: Going Beyond the Hype

[90] Trend: AI Centric Hardware

[89] Capturing Attention In a Scroll-Fast World

[88] AI Empowers Lifelong Learners

[87] We Don’t Truly Own Anything Digitally

[86] David & Goliath Battle in AI Cloud Platform Space

[85] What Is Stopping Businesses From Adopting AI?

[84] Consulting Firms Disrupt Themselves with AI

[83] How Barbie Used AI to go Viral

[82] The Age of Curation

[81] Who Wins in the Age of AI?

[80] A Creator's Economy: Open Edition NFTs

[79] The DaVinci Lifestyle: A Glimpse into the Future of Work

[78] A Framework for Attention

[77] NFTs: Beyond Economic Signaling

[76] Building Next Generation NFTs: ERC6551 x ERC721c

[75] Opepen: Opt-In Mechanism Observations

[74] Composability Rules Everything: ERC6551 and Token Bound Accounts

[73] Azurbala Reawakens

[72] Opepen: Choose Your Own Path

[71] The Opepen Meta

[70] Obsession with Efficiency

[69] Skeuomorphic Design

[68] Cherry Picking Originality

[67] eMerge: Community Building and Seeding a Tech Ecosystem

[66] Supercharging the 1-Person Company

[65] NFTs: Place on the Internet

[64] The Secret Ingredient: Nuance

[63] AI: Reversion to a New Normal

[62] The AI Renaissance

[61] AI Rewires Our Work Model

[60] When it Rains it Pours

[59] The 42nd Fold: Composability & Compounding in Web3

[58] Memes and the Elephant in a Dark Room

[57] Pokemon: Fad That Never Fades

[56] Outdated Zeitgeists: Failing to Update Work Culture

[55] The Checks Meta

[54] 1 Year Reflection: A Bit Like Sophomore Year

[53] Life is about Renaissance, not Checklists

[52] Who are you?

[51] A Fork in the Road

[50] Web3 in 2023