Last Updated: 03.22.2023

What do we write about?

Exploring the “Why” behind Web3 and AI.

As the world continues to evolve, we're constantly witnessing the rise of new and exciting technologies that have the potential to transform the way we live and work.

From Web3 to AI, these emerging technologies are paving the way for a new era of innovation and progress.

At Life in Color, we write about the "why" behind these technologies:

  • How the technology works?

  • What’s the philosophical angle?

  • What drives their development?

  • How does this drive change for businesses?

  • What implications are there for society as a whole?

Understanding the motivations and implications of emerging technologies is crucial to shaping the future.

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What’s our vibe?

We are generalists. We are optimists. We try to be emotionally intelligent and intelligently emotional.

We love going down many rabbit holes across different topics and being able to see things differently from multiple angles.

We hope with this mindset, our writing and thoughts are more balanced. If the New Yorker and the Economist had a baby, you might get Life in Color.

But Life in Color is still an infant and who knows what it grows up to be.

Who are we?

Liang (LJW), Founder, Lead Writer

LJW has been journaling for years but started writing a lot during the pandemic to find calm in the chaos. He has been in Web3 since 2017 and is currently a Web3 Research Fellow at Harvard. He writes as LJW. He writes like he talks.

Writers in the Collective: The rest of the collective is made up of Founders, Investors, Builders and Thought Leaders.

  • Will who is a Fintech and DeFi Investor.

  • Dan who is an emerging investor focused on LATAM and Diverse Founders

  • Shaman who is a NFT, Community Engagement and Brands expert.

  • Zi who is bringing social and curation to drive Web 3 adoption

  • Sahil who is changing the future of decentralized reputation

  • Jack who is a technical infrastructure expert and validator

  • AB who is an edTech expert and disruptor

  • JK who is a Proof of Stake Expert

  • Laura who is scratching the surface of the Web3 Rabbit Hole

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Why Writing Collective?

We write as a collective.

Because our writers in the Life in Color collective come from a very diverse set of backgrounds, we can take unique perspectives on many different topics across emerging technologies.

Having a writing collective allows us to work with other people who are in the “work in progress” stage of their writing journey.

Doing so allows us to appreciate the process versus the outcome and learn to value perfection less. That’s our theory on the writing process… write and grow together. So as the collective evolves (adds more people, writes more, different mediums, etc…) you will see progression and change.

At any given point in time, the writers are driving the voice of Life in Color, but since the collective changes, Life in Color is always changing.

Just like everything else.

Thanks for reading!

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Exploring the "Why" to Web3 & AI (Tech, Philosophy, Culture) and how it can fit into broader life.


Exploring the "Why" behind Emerging Tech (Web3, AI, etc)
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